Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Wizard of What!!!

This video was very informative. I really enjoyed how this was delivered. The Wizard of Apps was a bit long, but i did learn alot of new information. Leaving a good ditgal footprint is very important to me. I didn't know how to check what information was out there. I'm glad now I know about 123people, and pple. It said that just simply googling your name is not enough. I had never heard about alot of the cites mentioned in this video. I will use majority of them somewhere in my teaching. I think the mind map is an awesome webcite for students to brainstorm. Also the teachers are able to see their progress. I will also make sure my students know that just googling a subject and staying on the first page is not enough. First they must do a vertical search, then a horizontal search, and last a mind map. A mind map search will allow the students to see much more information pertaining to their topic.
I plan to use the google news time line in my classroom also. This will be extremely helpful when students need information about a certain event or person. A couple things that I want to look more into are: WolframeAlpha, GIGO, RSS feeds.

WHen I went to the tool website I was very pleased with what I saw. I didn't just visit one area. I went to: RSS, How to make an avitar, best for best practices for literacy education. I learned alot on all these sites. I made the main website a favorite on my browser. The ultility was awesome on all the ones I looked at. Each one has a step by step instruction.

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