Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project learning reflection

While watching the project learning video I was reminded of a non-fiction book that I read not to long age. The book was Chasing Vermeer. The teacher in this book had views about education that relates to the project based learning. I think I is an awesome program. I love how it engages the students to think critically about subjects that they are interested in. ONe student said that it has opened her horizens!! This is a whole new aspect of hand on learing for sure. THe students are collaborating in such a way that is not common in the normal classroom. ONe of the administrators said that this type of learning has been around since Piaget. However Piaget didn't have the technology advances as we have today!!!!


  1. Good point about Piaget. Some people think technologies today allow us to truly differentiate learning the way Dewey wanted. It's up to individual educators to make that vision a reality in their classrooms, however.

    Glad you enjoyed this video.

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