Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 10 Screencasts! ;)

In week 10, we focused on the art of Screencasting. This is definitely a tool that each and every teacher should use in his/her classroom; especially for students that are visual and need to see something done more than once (i.e. how to embed a video onto your blog, how to make a powerpoint presentation, etc). We logged into our Twitter accounts to use Screenr to create our own Screencast which included showing somebody how to do something that we have learned in our Tech 4 Teachers class this semester (for my screencast i chose to show how to upload a photo album into your power point presentation, instead of uploading one picture at a time). We also watched the video "Gotta Keep Reading" that Ocoee Middle School performed to the tune of a Black Eyed Peas song...which turned out incredible! Check it out!


Week 14

Week 14
For our scribe blog post, I have that we used skype with a teacher in Philidelphia. She was on a break so there were not any kids in her class. No one wanted to get up and talk to her, one person did but I don't remember what she asked about. Skype is a wonderful tool to use to bring people into your classroom as well as to broadcast your classroom to other places. Of course, before any students are broadcast we would always want to get permission from the students parents. We were briefly introduced to a site to look for your digital footprint. We discussed what still needed to be turned in and the time frame on which to do that. We had one petcha kutcha presentation over sharks, it was very interesting.

Special will be adding to this but I wanted to get it in.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 12 Scribe Post

During week 12 we used classtime to get caught up on all of our assignments. We also used classtime to have another lesson over the Smart Notebook Software. I think that everyone really appreciated Michael Mount coming and teach us how to use the IWB. I also think that everyone really appreciated the extra time to get last minute assignments done.
Samantha Settlemyre

Monday, May 3, 2010

Petcha kutcha

Here is my petcha kutcha on insects!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

week six reflection section 63


Week 6 Class SummeryAt the beginning of class we went over some of the complaints we all had about the class. One of the things Mr. Fryer said he would do to help us would be to not put videos in our assignments that are no longer than twenty minutes except for this week. We watched two videos this week. The first video called Digital Nation (pruning) channel asked the question “Do you think students brains are different today because of media and technology?” We spent some time answering that question and one of the responses were “yes, it’s a new way of learning and communication.” The second video we watched was called Old School, New School and it talked about how we need to be entertainers to our students. More students are unable to focus because everything is at their fingertips with technology. There was a suggestion that we need to be the bridges between the two ways of teaching. We then went over how to post your voicethread on Blogger. Professor Fryer then gave a presentation on how to use search on Google. We went over some key words and what they mean in internet terms such as URL, and Quiry. We went over the steps on how to find something on a Google search page. At the end of class he set up a digital newspaper coarse learning portal called aggregator located on class blogger site. These were the main topics we covered in class this week.
andrea haynes and monica oldham

Learning Second Life

Second Life is a video that is 3D game play. In the orientation a problem arose with new users. The problem was from new users getting to overwhelmed and stressed out when learning how to play the game. The users wanted to play right then and not take the time to learn. This is how the world is today, we want results NOW!!! So the company decided to come up with a collaborated way for orientation. Now new users get to choose what they learn. They can also ask questions and get quick answers. Also there is now more than one orientation. THis way peolpe can have that detailed introduction if they choose. This game world is new to me. I'm glad we are getting to view these videos. Maybe one day I will have the time to actually join and play.
The creators want the game to be objected based and give incentives to the users to come back. THey also want it to be stress free and enjoyable. This is why Sam made the entrance one way only. People can only move forword!!!!
This might be something to put in the classroom. As long as if it were monitored regularly for unappropriate things. It would be a blast for students to play in their spare time.

Smart Sam reflection

Watching this video about a thirteen year of girl named Sam made me realize how much I don't know about technology. However I did learn from this young girl. Everyone has to learn sometime and somehow. Sam learns new networks by trial and error. She said that she just goes until she messes up and then do again til she gets it right. I have never played world of war craft but it looks very fun and interesting. I guess if kids are into it, I need to get into it also. I love how Sam's mother used her daughter as a resource at the university. I am going to try to get more involved in technology. This will benefit my students and myself. She was so creative in alot of different areas. I also think it is important that Sam still went outside to take care of her dogs. With all the new technology out there alot of kids are staying inside on the computers. I will always remember to stress the importance of sunshine.