Saturday, May 1, 2010

Digiteen Education

In this video, Digiteen, I most liked the little video on texting while driving. I am a believer in not texting while driving. However sometimes I do participate in this activity. I was shocked by the information that was compared to DUIs. More wrecks are caused by texting rather that driving drunk. WHen the students were learning about social networking, it made me become anixous about my photos that are online. I don't think any of mine are inappropriate. However it still made me worry. I will try to remember this for when I am a teacher. There is alot about online acitvty that students need to be warned and taught about. I agree with the students that having internet in the classrooms is a must. This allows the students to stay connect with different groups overseas. For example in the case wikispaces. I am thankful that Wes taught us about picture theft. It is a big deal and even this video mentions it. This is a topic that students probably don't think before they act. This video shows the overall importance of online activity and that students are willing to take the time to learn about it.

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