Sunday, May 2, 2010

Learning Second Life

Second Life is a video that is 3D game play. In the orientation a problem arose with new users. The problem was from new users getting to overwhelmed and stressed out when learning how to play the game. The users wanted to play right then and not take the time to learn. This is how the world is today, we want results NOW!!! So the company decided to come up with a collaborated way for orientation. Now new users get to choose what they learn. They can also ask questions and get quick answers. Also there is now more than one orientation. THis way peolpe can have that detailed introduction if they choose. This game world is new to me. I'm glad we are getting to view these videos. Maybe one day I will have the time to actually join and play.
The creators want the game to be objected based and give incentives to the users to come back. THey also want it to be stress free and enjoyable. This is why Sam made the entrance one way only. People can only move forword!!!!
This might be something to put in the classroom. As long as if it were monitored regularly for unappropriate things. It would be a blast for students to play in their spare time.

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