Sunday, May 2, 2010

WIki think reflection

Paula White video on collaborative and parallel play was a very interesting. Its amazing that it all started by Paula blogging a question about sharing wiki with collaborative work. After not getting any responses, she blogged about not getting any responses. After that she had numerous replies. A fact about wiki think that stood out to me was the fact that students were able to work on the wiki outside of school. The students were so engaged that they volunteered to post certain things that were not required. Using the levels of engagement, these students were on the high level. Unfortunately some students are on the low level which is rebellion. Things like wiki think will help these rebellious students with getting involved with something that they are passionate about. That is one of the main points that Paula makes in her video. Help create a curriculum that students will become passionate and engaged with. I will try to use this in my classroom. The only thing that would hold me back would be my knowledge of creating a wiki, and how it all works. It also seems like alot of work to always check and keep up with. However keeping children engaged and passionate would take alot of work. I am willing to take the extra steps and get out of the box for this to work in my classroom. ANother think that stuck out to me was about teachers vs. other teachers. Teachers need to get over the idea that they can't touch another teachers work. Wiki is about editing and improving things. Everyone had different ideas and areas that they are good in. THis is what makes wiki so incredible.

WHen I visited Wiki think I search around the entire site. It was very impressive. I was happy to see that there was recent activity in the site. I learned how to create a wiki and learned why it is important for students and teacher.

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