Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 12: Summary

This week, we had another visit from Michael Mount who works in the UCO office of information technology to give another introductory presentation over the SMART boards. He not only showed us the basics of running the smart board, but also different programs that can be used through the SMART board for your classroom. Michael showed us how to customize all different tools for more creativity in the classroom.
Michael gave the same presentation that was given in week 5, which may seem redundant, but is needed for us to continue to understand the SMART board. We all are most likely going to have a SMART board in our classroom and we need to know as much as we can before we get to teaching to make the transition much smoother.
There are online SMART board training resources that are also available for us to use when we do need a little more help or want to know what else our SMART boards can be used for.

This video gives even more help and techniques regarding the smart board.

The rest of the class time this week was spent catching up from the previous weeks on anything we may be behind on. I hope everyone has an amazing week 12!

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