Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 14 Summary

This week in Technology for Teachers we started with an overview of the grading process. We were brought up to date on all assignments that should be completed. All grades from submitted assignments have been completed and should be available for viewing. There should be a comment on all assignments submitted if your grade does not meet the required point total. You may make corrections and resubmit assignments for full credit.Next, we were shown assignments which had been turned in. The assignments presented were examples of exemplary work. WE viewed a voicethread, a blog over The Wizard of Apps, and a google map. We also were informed of a website This is a pretty scary site which allows you to find all the information you need about anyone. Next, we discussed our presentations over our Pecha Kucha project. The presentations will cover our final exam. Should you opt not to do a presentation, you may do a voicethread in its place.Our main topic for the day involved Synchronous Conferencing. We were introduced to Skype. We had a conversation with a teacher in Bangkok, Thailand named Jeff. He informed us about international teaching opportunities. This was really interesting. We were able to see Jeff, on screen, as he discussed his job in Bangkok.The class ended with a course evaluation.

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