Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 9- Google Docs

Week 9 - Taking Advantage of More of the Tools Google has to Offer

This week we learned about Google docs and the different tasks it can help us to accomplish us. As a matter of fact, this very post was accomplished as a result of Google docs. Its really convenient to be able to collaborate with other people from different locations. Also, since it enables you to access work from any computer by just logging in to your Google account its even more convenient than flash drives. When you also take into account how easy Google Docs is to use it's an invaluable tool for the classroom.

In addition to the basic writing that can be done, there was also a feature called Google Forms on Google Docs that allows you to make a short questionnaire. You then have other people answer the questions and Google Forms saves the responses in a convenient spreadsheet. (Questions submitted on the FAQs blog use this form)
by Darlene Levy and Beckie Benge

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