Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 13 Scribe Blog

Posted by Sarah Ransom and Felisha Seward

Today in class we went over how to create our "Petch Kutcha" presentation. For this we are supposed to come up with a topic that we would like to teach everyone about. Then we pick 20 pictures from flikr that convey the message of our petcha kutcha. After we pick the picture we will upload them to a powerpoint, then upload it to google presentations. Then we will have to record audio for each slide ranging from 15-20 seconds to talk about how the picture goes with our topic. We also decided that you could make a voice thread for this project as well. Before this we went over grades and he should have them ready for us by next week. He also said as long as you do all the work you should get an A or a B. We also got to see an iPad and play with it. Then we watched a video by DJ Spooky and it was supposed to show a darker idea of a period in history.

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  1. My takeaway from the DJ Spooky videos was that it's now possible to mashup media in new ways to tell a story and depict history in ways which may not be in textbooks. Of course Oliver Stone in the movie "JFK" showed this years ago, but now that capability rests with a much LARGER number of people.