Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 7-scribes post!(sry it's late)

This week we learned about making our own Wiki's! Wes walked us through making and creating our own wiki through google sites. He showed us the wiki's in plain English video,Which i find this video very helpful and insightful, I find videos like these kind of like "Computers for dummies" books only because I'm retarded at computers!

We also watched a video called "An open letter to educators" It was a funny video that kind of told teachers "what was up" and said that "higher education" has become so dull and boring, who would want to sit through it?

We also had a quiz this week, just Quarterly Checkup, so if you have done the work for this class up until this point then you will be fine to take this quiz!

The video watching for this week was a little boring, but for the most part very insightful. we are supposed to watch the video and blog about it as usual!
Hope this was helpful,
Again Sorry it was late!

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