Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 1: Intro and Bloggging (T4T Spr 2010)

This is the video archive for our class on 13 January 2010 or week 1 of "Technology for Teachers." Access all our week 1 curriculum and links on the Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning wiki.

Access weekly lecturecasts like this one using a computer web browser or a smartphone / iPhone or an iPod Touch using the web address: Since I am teaching two sections of T4T this term on Wednesdays, I will just publish one of the two lecture recordings each week. This week's recording is for section 62, the 9 - 10:50 am class. This is the overview of our class today:
Hyperlinked writing is the most powerful form of writing, and forms a cornerstone of literacy our hyper-connected information and communications landscape. We will explore how educators and students are using blogs for a variety of constructive purposes, how microblogging with Twitter differs from blogging with other tools, and how blogs can be used to share professional reflections for this course. We will discuss the importance of building and maintaining a professional digital footprint, and explore the free K-12 Online Conference. (Resources on

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  1. I totally get your time frustration, I feel the same way every week in my class!! I like your Facebook idea. I have 5 sections of my class with 30 students in each, so Facebook might actually be a great tool. Thanks for the idea, gonna give it a try with my class and K-State.