Thursday, January 21, 2010

Open Lab tomorrow (Fri 22 Jan 2010) from 9 - 10:50 am

T4T Students:

I will be in the UCO College of Education computer lab (room 110, our regular classroom on Wednesdays) from 9 am to 10:50 tomorrow (Friday Jan 22nd) to answer questions and provide assistance about anything you'd like to discuss regarding our Technology 4 Teachers course. Please drop in if you'd like to ask questions, listen in on Q&A with other students, or just work! I've reserved the lab just for our class for this time.

I've had several requests to get together for Q&A outside of class time, so I thought we'd try this and see how it goes.

Please remember to continue submitting questions you have to our class FAQ blog, I've answered two new questions there today.

I've also added some graphical icons to our "Course Communication Tools" page which may make this easier to utilize.

Last of all, for week 1 and week 2 I've added some checklist-style questions under "review" at the bottom of each page. This is summarized on the FAQ post, "Checklist for Weekly Assignments."

Hope to see you tomorrow if you can make it to the lab in the morning. Have a marvelous weekend!

Wesley Fryer
twitter/skype: wfryer

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