Monday, January 25, 2010

Open Lab Opportunities Jan 22, Jan 29, and Feb 5

If you have questions not answered on our T4T FAQ blog, and you'd like to get them answered in person, please come to one of our upcoming "open lab" opportunities like we had on Jan 22nd.

I (Wesley Fryer) will be in the UCO Education building, room 310 tomorrow (Jan 26th from 10-11 am) to answer T4T questions. A computer lab was not available at this time, so if you have your own laptop please bring it. Wes will bring a couple laptops to share.

We have reserved the UCO Education computer lab 110 for the following T4T Open lab times on Fridays:

  • Fri Jan 29th,  9 - 10:50 am
  • Fri Feb 5th, 9 - 10:50 am
Remember to use all our course communication tools to stay up to date with our T4T course! Hope to see you and an upcoming open lab.

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