Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scribe Post Assignments (Spring 2010)

Based on everyone's randomly drawn numbers from this past Wednesday, these are the scribe post assignments for this semester:

During the semester, each student will be assigned the responsibility for ONE WEEK to summarize the highlights and learning points from the week on the course Shared Learning Blog
Be sure to post your weekly scribe post NLT (no later than) midnight on the Sunday following class. Remember you do NOT need to detail everything from class, but summarize the highlights and main points.

You will need to contact other students in your section assigned to write the summary post for the week. Since there are two sections of T4T taught by Wesley Fryer in Spring 2010, there will be TWO scribe posts each week.

Only ONE person will be able to actually post to the blog, and edit that post. As partners you will need to collaborate PRIOR to posting your weekly summary / scribe post. You can also edit and add to your post after it is published, but the same person who originally created the post will have to do the editing.

Check out the example scribe blog posts from Darren Kuropatwa's "Blog Post Hall of Fame" to see how scribe posts have been used with great success in other classrooms.

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