Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week 5 Summary

Natalie Locke

T4T Scribes: Week 5
Today Michael Mount from the UCO Office of Information Technology presented an introductory workshop on using the SmartBoard. Michael told the class that Smart notebook software is used to create curriculum and is primarily for k-12 educators. Smart board draws power form the PC, if the computer is on smart board is one. He taught us that sometimes smart boards can get misaligned, so first thing when you use it at the beginning of the day you need to re-orient it. It also has floating tools, which is customizable, and can be moved all across the screen. You also have pen tools on the Smartboard, where you can change the color and thickness of the pens. The eraser tool, you can chose to erase either down at the bottom or on the floating tool. The keyboard button is good for writing neatly on the smart board. Michael’s favorite tool is the clear ink layer, which is one button that erases everything on the page, that you were working on. Something that I found interesting is you can customize the floating tools, which would be a great thing because everyone need and uses different tools. You can save your presentation, and merge notes onto it as well. After showing us some different things on the Smartboard he opened Internet explorer. The magic tool, helps magnify selected images.
Here is a link to SmartBoard training

The second hour Michael gave a chance for the students of the class to do hands-on practice with the SmartBoard. This was also a chance for all students to get caught up on all their work for chapters 1-4, they could also work on their voice thread project which is due next week. Here is the screencast of how to use VoiceThread.

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  1. Good summary, Natalie, and good job embedding a relevant video as well as using links. I need to learn more about the "invisible ink layer," I've taken a bunch of SMART training workshops but that is a term I've either forgotten or didn't learn about. Sounds like Michael did a great job, I'm so glad he provided chances for everyone to work directly with/on the board.