Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 3 Summary

Jennifer Mendes
Audra Poole
T4T Scribes: Week 3

We did things a little differently for week three. We started our class with a question and answer session. Professor Fryer introduced us to a backchannel chat room. Here we were allowed an allotted amount of time to reflect back on week one and two. We then typed in any questions or concerns we had. We spent the next 50 minutes addressing those questions. This was a great way to allow people to catch up. We also covered the quiz that our class would be taking on webct. We were told that we would be given three questions and fifteen minutes to answer. We were also going to be allowed the chance to take the quiz twice this time. For those who were unfamiliar with webct we had a brief demonstration of how to take the quiz. The next part of class is typically known as lecture. During this time we watched two videos “I need my Teachers to Learn”, and “ A Day to Remember.” These videos introduced us to our next topic Digital Storytelling.

Digital storytelling was defined in many different ways. Part of our assignments for the next two weeks is going to be to develop our own digital story using voicethread. To do this we will have to have at least five pictures or a video if we chose and then record our voice and add it with the pictures. Wes stressed to the class the importance of using copyrights correctly. The first option is to use your own individual pictures. We were given two websites compfight and zoo-m to use to find copy written photos if needed. At the end of class we were informed that Wes would be gone for two weeks. If any students are still behind or needing help Wes is going to be giving two help sessions on Fridays from 9:00 to 10:50.

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