Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 4 Summary

Richard A. Weeks
Kirsti Parsons

T4T Scribes: Week 4

The first half hour of class was used as an open forum discussion, about how we the students, were feeling about the class. I believe the overall consensus was that we all felt overwhelmed. One student made the comment that she spends more time on the homework assignments for this class than she does for all her other classes put together; she also mentioned that she was taking 16 credit hours. Several students suggested that we need a catch-up day. The overarching things Dr. Owens-DeLong stated she was taking away are number one use of class time. The second thing is amount and maybe class time would help with the amount.

Dr. Ellis spent approximately half an hour introducing us to PASS-PORT e-portfolio. He showed procedures on how to do several items in PASS-PORT. He informed us that we have 30 days to set up our portfolios. The demonstration looked less complicated than chalk and wire. He let us know he would be available for any questions we might have or any help we might need. He also explained the different portals in the new e-portfolio. He walked us through the procedures from beginning to end. You can contact Dr. Ellis at for any questions concerning e-portfolio. He also let us know that we can get a copy of any information, on cd, that we have already put into the chalk and wire e-portfolio that was being previously used.

Dr. Owens-DeLong then showed your screencast for the week.

She then discussed the Unit Plan with us. After showing us the template for the Unit Plan, she had us discuss in small groups ideas for the Unit Plan. Dr. Owens-DeLong had a few of the students provide examples of Essential Question Unit Questions Content Questions. Following the Unit Plan she covered a story in five photos. This included ways to get pictures from places like Compfight or Flickr Storm or using our own pictures. Dr. Owens-DeLong directed us to do an anonymous evaluation and then dismissed class when we were finished with evaluation.


  1. Thanks for sharing this summary, Richard. As you write posts for our scribes blog, remember your audience is "more" than just me. You're writing for your classmates, others enrolled in this class, as well as other web visitors who may come to this site. Just a minor point, but your choice of words in the sentence "Dr. Owens-DeLong then showed your screencast for the week" makes it sound like you were writing this for me only.

    Great job embedding video and using links. Excellent work.

    I think it was very valuable to get the feedback from everyone, and be able to provide a catch-up week for week 5. It will be good to hear how things are going now for everyone. There are several changes I'm making to the weekly assignments as a result of the input everyone shared, which we'll discuss in class on Feb 17th.

  2. Thank you for being attentive during the passport training, I was confused on a few points, but your scribe cleared them up. Thanks!